Building on Bitcoin is here, are you ready?
Bitcoin innovation culture has been reawakened and its time to build for the world’s largest, most liquid crypto economy.

Join 'Ready Layer 2', the first ever Bitcoin Layer 2 focused pitch competition, and submit your best ideas, prototypes, and plans for new Bitcoin apps, products, and services.
A 3-day Virtual Event
Day 1 - Learn
Experts and entrepreneurs currently building on Bitcoin will offer sessions to help you get oriented, educated, and comfortable with the tools you'll need. Whether you're a crypto native or a total noob, you'll find a great starting place here.
Day 2 - Create
With continued support of some of the best Bitcoin builders out there, you'll work to hone your idea, conduct customer validation, stress test your business model, and eventually craft your pitch.
Day 3 - Pitch
With pitches in hand, a panel of esteemed judges will gather for the main event, where you'll tell everyone what you've built for Bitcoin and why.
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To build these
1st Place - $5k
  • $5,000 in cash/crypto
  • Automatic interview with StartupLab
  • NFT Collectible (valued at $500)
  • 1:1 with Special Mentor
  • 2 Free tickets to Bitcoin Unleashed
2nd Place - $2.5k
  • $2,500 in cash/crypto
  • Automatic interview with StartupLab
  • NFT Collectible (valued at $300)
  • 1:1 with Special Mentor
  • 1 Free ticket to Bitcoin Unleashed
3rd Place - $1k
  • $1,000 in cash/crypto
  • Automatic interview with StartupLab
  • NFT Collectible ($100)
  • Rachel Yu
    COO and Co-founder, ALEX
    Rachel Yu is the Co-Founder of ALEX, an open-source DeFi company built on Stacks and modeled on the world's financial markets. Accelerated by Stacks and built on its platform, ALEX is disrupting the crypto industry by efficiently connecting participants at both the institutional and individual levels.
  • Jake Blockchain
    Sourcing Partner, Bitcoin Frontier Fund
    Jacob is Sourcing Partner at Bitcoin Frontier Fund and Host of the Built on Bitcoin podcast, where he interviews builders in the Stacks ecosystem and open-minded Bitcoiners. He was previously an Analyst at Stacks Ventures. Assisting portfolio companies unleash the full power of Bitcoin through Stacks. @JakeBlockchain
  • Kenny Rogers
    Developer Advocate, Stacks Foundation
    Kenny Rogers spearheads Developer Relations at the Stacks Foundation. He is a developer of 9+ years obsessed with how to use technology to build a better world. Currently focused on teaching other developers how to build tools that will revolutionize the economy and world of work using Bitcoin and AI.
  • Tycho Onnasch
    Tycho is General Manager at Trust Machines and leads Zest Protocol, an institutional Bitcoin lending protocol. Zest Protocol aims to expand the Bitcoin economy by creating on-chain Bitcoin capital markets. Tycho holds a BA in History from the University of Oxford where he spent a lot of time thinking about financial history from the renaissance to crypto. Previously he co-founded Deedmob - a GovTtech SaaS company and was listed by Forbes as 30 under 30 in Europe. Tycho is also a Mentor in the Stacks Accelerator. @TychoOnnasch
  • Trevor Owens
    Trevor is a multifaceted entrepreneur, author, and early stage startup investor. He is the CEO of Ninjalerts, an Ethereum-based wallet tracker, and also serves as the Managing Partner at Bitcoin Frontier Fund, where he invests in exceptional teams building new use cases for Bitcoin through BTC L1 and scaling layers like Stacks and Lightning. Bitcoin Frontier Fund has an extensive portfolio of nearly 50 startups in the DeFi, NFTs, and Web3 sectors.

  • Andre Serrano
    Stacks Resident, sBTC
    Andre’s diverse background in philosophy, political science, and economics, may not have pointed him toward an obvious career path in the crypto space. However, it was precisely this unique, multidisciplinary informed insight that enabled him to connect the dots, and easily see the incredible potential of a world that trusts math and code over a fiat system. Now, having worked with various companies in the space, he’s now proud to be the sBTC Resident at the Stacks Foundation where he’s responsible for product and partnerships of sBTC. @andrerserrano
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