Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is the registration process arranged?
    After the registration, you will get a confirmation with the password by e-mail. You need the passsword to use it on offline registration. You have to take passport and a printed invitation paper. Two days before you will get a reminder on your e-mail.
  • How many people are able to take part?
    We collect 15 teams with 15-30 people in each. Teams starts one after one. To learn if the registration is available, call us +123 345 56 78 or drop us a line on
  • What should I take with me?
    It is important to take a passport and a password for the registration. Please do not forget to take fresh clothes and shoes.
  • Are kids able to participate?
    Kids under 11 are available to participate.
  • How to become a partner of the event?
    Send a request to [email protected], tell about your activities and your offer for the contest. It is important to work like a legal entity.
  • Cancelling of registration
    If the event was cancelled by the organizer, full price will be fully compensated. Full price will be transfered to the card during 3 days. If you want to cancel the participation less then over a period of a month, 30% of the cost will not be returned.